Current State

At one point in life I was told that while running, as long as your arms are moving your legs can't stop. If you’re beginning to feel tired mid-hill you start pumping your arms and naturally, you’ll continue to move forward. This theory hasn’t been fact-checked but regardless, I’ve been practicing this technique the past 12 years and it’s carried me to my current state.

I strongly believe that majority if not all training techniques used during running, be that mental, physical or spiritual, can also be applied to life.

You see, just as I’ve been pumping my arms all these years to keep my legs moving forward, I’ve been smiling every day while continuing to search for that undeniable state of happy. My smile hasn’t been a lie all these years by any means, but some days it was harder than it should have been and on those days my smile may have been a little white lie.

This morning as I was driving into work after a long weekend, it was raining, the AC in my car is broken so I was sweating profusely because there was zero air circulation and I knew I had a long to-do list waiting for me on my desk. But I could not wipe the smile off my face. I even tried a couple times, it just wasn't possible.

The smile these days is real and it’s made me never want to escape reality.